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Phytodyne Inc. I North American Distributor of CERES Herbal Tinctures

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Ceres remedies  convey the active ingredients,  information and energy of medicinal plants.

Ceres remedies are homeopathic drugs made from medicinal herbs. We provide a range of mother tinctures, i.e. non-diluted, pure extracts of single herbs manufactured according to Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia requirements. In addition to mother tinctures, we produce complex remedies, which are mixtures of different tinctures. The icon Ø behind the Latin name means homeopathic mother tincture. The abbreviation comp. behind the Latin name means complex remedy.

Overview of Ceres remedies

Packaging and labelling

Ceres remedies are bottled in 0.67 fl.oz. (20 ml) vials. Each bottle is sealed with tamper evident packaging. All packaged product information is compliant with the US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and each product is listed with the US Food And Drug Administration as Homeopathic Medicament. In compliance with regulations, their labels specify the Latin name of the product, the area of use and the directions.

Ceres remedies contain alcohol

Our products contain alcohol because it is the most effective solvent for extracting the plant’s bio-active constituents and delivering them into the bloodstream and across the cell membrane quickly. Alcohol tinctures, being more readily available to the body, assure a more rapid absorption and assimilation of a plant’s vital healing properties than capsules or tablets.