From the Medicinal Herb to the Holistic Remedy.

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High effectiveness

at very low doses.

The high quality level of Ceres remedies is the result of an extraordinary manufacturing method, which is based on intensive research, in-depth expertise relating to the essence of plants and great dedication. Over 20 medicinal herbs are available as mother tinctures and complex remedies in Ceres quality in the U.S. These products are highly effective and appropriate for use at dosages as low as one-tenth of those of conventional mother tinctures. The average daily dosage is 2–5 drops, 1–3 times a day.


Herbal active ingredients

and essence impulses for

body, mind and spirit.

The Ceres herbal tinctures are well attuned to the growing self awareness of people. They are remedies that are aligned with the three planes of human existence – the physical, the mental and the spiritual. In addition to easing physical, mental and emotional complaints, they convey impulses conductive to awakening an awareness of the interconnections of the body and the psyche. Ceres herbal mother tinctures provide a well-balanced support for this awakening process.

Made of carefully selected Swiss organic herbs.

Hand-crafted in an unique elaborate process.

Aged to maturity for over two years.

Designed to treat both physical and psychoemotional conditions.

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A medicinal herb

is not yet a remedy.

Nature provides the raw ingredients, but only human beings are able to refine them. This circumstance ensures that development of the potential in the realms of nature and development of the potential of human beings move forward together. Thus, refined nature becomes an indicator of the development of human consciousness.